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No More Shrinking

As I listened to one of my favorite podcasts, I heard something profound that really made me analyze how thoughts manifest over time. We know women are complex, it’s one of the fun things about us, but it’s also exhausting when we aren’t staying true to ourselves.

The podcast highlighted how, as girls, we’re trained to behave a certain way and not do things outside of the normal guidelines of being a “girl”:

“Don’t be too loud”
“Don’t hang with too many boys”
“Chin up, like a lady”
“Legs crossed, like a lady”
“Don’t be weird”

Specifically the host said, “We were taught to suppress ourselves. To shrink. This turns into overthinking as adults.” 

And we can debate over which woman overthinks the most right...

See, the issue is there’s many girls who like to be loud, don’t mind getting down with the boys because she’s just as tough, and don’t care about crossing legs, chinning up, or being like everyone else. And that’s okay! However, instead of embracing this, we’re consciously and subconsciously attacked. 

Now as a woman, you think your assertiveness and nonconformity is a flaw. 

Stop the madness! You’re perfect. 

Something I’ve grown to be so grateful for is knowing no matter how much you do try and alter your core...you’re still going to be who you were meant to be in some way. The true you will always be there, somewhere. 

So if you’ve been shrinking, not expressing the full you, it’s time to start. 

I’m just going to say it...they were wrong

The definition of a woman is: you. 

If you love business podcasts, check out “Don’t Keep Your Day Job”, that’s where this entry was inspired from and helps to keep me in good spirits. 

What’s something about yourself you’re going to embrace more of? 

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