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About Us


Each of us is a flower, growing in God’s garden. Our individual lives create marks and flaws that shape our inner and outer beauty that will never be duplicated.

Our journey began with a passion for eccentric fashion and a love for handcrafted artistry. Each "peace" of jewelry is lovingly made using vibrant fabrics and designed for quirky fashionistas, like you. We believe in celebrating individuality and creativity through every thread and coming together to create pillars for change, health, kindness, and joy.

We elevate your style with adornments that carry a deeper meaning and we upgrade your unique experience with the option to customize any of our designs and make it stunningly "one-of-a-kind."

We hope you can be a part of our story.  Wear your Perennial Peaces with your head up, knowing you're adding a touch of handcrafted divinity to the world.

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More about the Founder:

"Growing up, I've always strived to be different. Not to bring attention to myself but to create my own identity that wasn't defined by anyone else. 

This worked for and against me. I can remember starting some trends, but I also remember wishing the day would speed up so I could get home because my outfit choice was not a hit with peers that day.

And then you grow up and don't even realize the emotional baggage you've carried with you into adulthood. I found myself censoring parts of me in fear of what others thought. And I didn't like that...So I went back to what lit me up as an adolescent...creating something different.

Evolution after evolution and Perennial Peaces has become my tool of completeness and unapologetic expression.

I create jewelry that gives you every way to show up as yourself. So keep shining because you can only be who you are!"

-Sheridan C.
Founder & Designer of Perennial Peaces


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If you've been around long enough, you may remember when this business went by the name "Shairpins". That is because our first products were interchangeable hair pins which evolved into a 4-in-1 accessory and became the ultimate symbol to express yourself! Shairpins will now become a collection of our interchangeable “Pins” and can be worn as a hair clip, necklace, brooch and even a pair of earrings! 




We currently have 4 snap accessories to style with the "Pins" of Shairpins!
-Hair Clip

Check out a few helpful videos & tutorials for more inspiration: