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Multicolored/Afrocentric Textile Necklace

Multicolored/Afrocentric Textile Necklace

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A lightweight necklace is just as important as all other jewelry! All necklaces are made from repurposed fabric. Have fun with our cork textile imported from Portugal! We feature fun textiles and incorporate gold wire, resin and complete it with a beaded center! The chain is gold-plated and will not tarnish. You will get questions about where you got your earrings so be prepared :)


Our necklace pendant measures about 1.5 in. all around and features an 18" gold-plated chain that will not tarnish. If you'd like a smaller or bigger size, let us know in the custom request box.  


Please note, these peaces are fragile and shouldn't be bent, dropped, or pulled. The resin completely covers the cork fabric so you don't have to worry about damaging it. This is made from actual cork imported from Portugal. 


Please note, due to variations in some computer/phone screens and monitors, there may be slight variations in color. Every attempt has been made to represent the product and colors as accurately as possible.  


Please note, every necklace will have a slight variation of uniqueness because no peace is exactly the same. Our handmade peaces may feature slight imperfections and inconsistencies but in no way affect functionality. We list items we would be happy to wear!


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